Russian 400 Gbit/s transponder is shown to Rostelecom – Компания «Т8». DWDM-системы

Russian 400 Gbit/s transponder is shown to Rostelecom

The first official demonstration of a new high-speed DWDM transponder 400 Gbit/s took place in the laboratory of the company T8. The Delegation of specialists from Rostelecom acquainted with the the newest Russian equipment capabilities in the laboratory of T8.

The functioning of the equipment was demonstrated at the booth as part of the Volga platform. Representatives of Rostelecom witnessed the successful functioning of the transponder in the T8 laboratory and considered it expedient to conduct the full-fledged testing in Rostelecom’s own laboratory in Reutov. The Rostelecom laboratory is planning to conduct large-scale tests of the new Russian device for compliance with the technical requirements of Rostelecom. A conclusion on the possibility of using the new transponder on the operator’s networkswill be preparedbased on the results of testing.

‘For its part, Rostelecom is interested in new promising developments of domestic enterprises and wish further success to the Team of T8, not only in the implementation of the objectives, but an early access for new frontiers for the development of new production processes on the territory of the Russian Federation, including the manufacturing of electronic components for the electronic industry’, — says head of the Project office for import substitution of Rostelecom Evgeniya Kalenikhina.

The new high-speed 400 Gbit/s DWDM transponder for the Volga platform aggregates four 100 Gbit/s streams and transmits them in a coherent 2xDP-16QAM format. The device supports transmission of 100G PM-QPSK, 150G PM-8QAM or 200G PM-16QAM channels. The system supports superchannelsand Nyquist WDM spectral efficiency enhancement methods. Increasing of spectral efficiency in the new transponder allows to transfer several times more information on one fiber. The use of the block allows to reduce the cost of traffic by 1.5-2 times.

According to its technical characteristics, the device is not inferior to the best samples of foreign vendors, and it has no domestic analogues. The development of the device was completed last year, at the same time was heldthe first demonstration to potential customers. In the near future T8is planning to complete testing and to start the first commercial deliveries. The system is designed primarily for the development of urban and regional networks as well asfor promising fast-growing market of the data centers networks.

‘The Russian telecommunications market is actively growing, operators need more powerful and high-speed equipment. Our development will reduce the cost of transmitted traffic, which means that the cost of operator services for the end user will be reduced. We are proud that it is one more domestic productthat shows our ‘class’, –says Deputy General Director of T8 Mikhail Sleptsov.