400G in Russia – Компания «Т8». DWDM-системы

400G in Russia

“Т8” announces the first Russian fiber optic system 400 Gbit/s

“T8” company, the Russian manufacturer of the telecommunication DWDM equipment, announces the launch of the first domestic high-speed DWDM system with a speed of 400 Gbit/s on two sub-carriers. This operator-class system enables high-speed data transmission on a standard single-mode optical fiber including the old communication lines intended for 2.5 Gbit/s. Technical parameters of the new system are competitive to foreign analogues.

Backbone 100G systems have achieved the maximal performance (product of transmission range and spectral efficiency) among all fiber optic communication systems. But continuous increase of traffic and the rapid development of data centers require further development of communication systems. It is necessary to increase spectral efficiency and channel speeds as well as search for new technical solutions to increase capacity of existing communication lines.

The new system developed by “T8” is intended for transmission of client 100G channels with a high spectral efficiency on several optical sub-carriers 2 × 200 Gbit/s. The use of two optical sub-carriers is a typical solution for all manufacturers of DWDM equipment with announced speed 400 Gbit/s (2 × 200 Gbit/s). In our system client channels 100 Gbit/s are transmitted in line channels 2 × 200 Gbit/s (2 × DP-16QAM) in 50 GHz ITU-T grid with an error correction SD-FEC. The required OSNR of the transponder is 18 dB, data transmission range is up to 500 km.

The system has the maximal capacity among all telecommunication DWDM systems ever created in Russia. It is the development of the 100G DWDM-platform “Volga” that is famous for several recent world records on data transmission over optical fiber.

«Trend of demand for high-speed DWDM system is formed by the largest world data centers: Facebook, Google, Amazon. These companies are going to install DWDM equipment with a speed of 200 Gbit/s per one carrier summarily at $500 mln. a year. So the development of such systems is a matter of the short term», — says Vladimir Treshchikov, general director of “T8”. — «We are proud to present our Customers the most up-to-date and high-tech equipment that is developed and manufactured in Russia. We hope that data centers and large Internet service providers will be interested in our system, because its quality is comparable with European and American equipment while its cost is quite competitive with foreign analogues».

The system is available in two form-factors: a card for DWDM platform “Volga” and a stand-alone 1U device with integrated control unit and reserved power supply modules. Total capacity of the system is 400 Gbit/s (300 mm depth) or 800 Gbit/s (600 mm depth, “back to back” installation).

The “T8” completely finished the development of the 400 Gbit/s system which is now undergoing testing procedures. The use of Russian telecom equipment will enable significant decreasing of CAPEX and OPEX for many projects of our Customers.

“T8” company (www.t8.ru) is a leading developer and manufacturer of DWDM systems in Russia. Up to 2016 year the company has built more than 65 000 km of backbone DWDM lines. According to “TechUspekh” rating, the “T8” is one of the most fast developing high-tech companies in Russia. Several recent world records were set using the DWDM platform developed by “T8”: transmission of 100 G on 4000 km in uncompensated 80-channel system; and transmission of 10*100 G on 500 km in a single-span line with ROPA.