Training for employees of Severozapadniy Telecom OJSC – Компания «Т8». DWDM-системы

Training for employees of Severozapadniy Telecom OJSC

Employees of Severozapadniy Telecom OJSC have been trained on the “Use of DWDM systems” theme from July 28th till July 31st , 2009 on the basis of Т8 LLC. Employess of Karelian, Murmansk, Novgorod, Pskov branches, and also of the Komi Republic branch and of the general management, have spent four days of theoretical and practical classes. The theoretical part has been read by Listvin V.N., the teacher of Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology, professor. It has covered the following themes: FOCL evolution, optical fiber and its nonlinear effects, the PUSK DWDM equipment, optical multiplexers and filters, transponers, optical amplifiers and switches, use of DWDM networks. Practical classes have been executed by М.А. Sleptsov, А.G. Veselov, V.N. Pavlov, the best engineers of Т8 LLC, and have been devoted to the PUSK equipment adjustment, faulty units’ replacement, and also measurements in DWDM networks. Moreover, a one class has been completely devoted to use of the Monitor 2 and SNNPc 7 management systems for the PUSK equipment.

The last training day has been conducted in the Fryazino city in the Moscow region, where the IRE-Polyus plant is located. All students could have a closer look on the production facility and ask their questions directly to the DWDM equipment manufacturer. There they also have been handed with certificates.