Training of employees of “Sibirtelecom”, “VELKOM-Sibir” and “Giprosvyaz” – Компания «Т8». DWDM-системы

Training of employees of “Sibirtelecom”, “VELKOM-Sibir” and “Giprosvyaz”

From 24 till 27th November the seminar on a theme «Operation of DWDM systems» has been held. Employees of “Sibirtelecom”, “VELKOM-Sibir” and “Giprosvyaz” were attended this course.

Theoretical part of the training program has been taught by Ph.D. V.N. Listvin (professor of MIPT) and Ph.D. O.E. Naniy (professor of the Moscow State University). Besides traditional sections «Evolution ВОЛС», «Optical fibres», « Nonlinear effects at 10 Gbit/s» lectures were supplemented by such parts as “Underwater and terrestrial systems” and “Passive elements”.

Practical part of the training program has been taught by experts of “Т8”: the head of project department M.A. Sleptsov, the project manager EDFA/DWDM A.G. Veselov and the lead engineer V.N.Pavlov. There were considered principles of construction of DWDM network at the equipment PUSK, the standard configuration of DWDM networks, technology of replacing of defective units, personnel actions during accidents in network lines with use of the equipment PUSK, detailed composition of the PUSK equipment and also control systems Monitor 2 and SNNPc 7.

Last day of this seminar the participants visited NTO “IRE-Polus”, which is manufacturer of the DWDM equipment “PUSK”.