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Record 500 km unrepeatered 100 Gbps transmission
V V Gainov, N V Gurkin, S N Lukinih, S G Akopov, S Makovejs, S Y Ten, O E Nanii and V N Treshchikov

In this work we experimentally demonstrate 500 km unrepeatered transmission of a single-channel 100 Gb s-1 dual polarization quadrature phase shift keyed (DP-QPSK) signal. Such long distance transmission is achieved through the use of an advanced configuration of remotely pumped optical amplifiers (ROPAs), chromatic dispersion pre-compensation and ultra-low-loss Corning R SMF-28 R ULL optical fiber. Excellent long-term bit error ratio (BER) performance is observed. To the best of our knowledge this is the longest unrepeatered 100 Gb s-1 transmission reported to date.