Participation in Transport Networks Russia 2012 – Компания «Т8». DWDM-системы

Participation in Transport Networks Russia 2012

The T8 CEO, Treschikov V.N., has performed a lecture at the international Transport Networks Russia 2012 conference, which took place at March 14th – 15th 2012 in the Holiday Inn Moscow hotel.

The performance has been done during the 5th session. The lecture theme was «Development of Russian DWDM systems: from 10 and 40 Gbit/s to 100 Gbit/s».

Main propositions:

1. DWDM systems with the 40 Gbit/s channel speed and the full capacity of 3.5 Tbit/s

2. New generation of 10G DWDM communication systems: a communication quality breakthrough

3. Perspectives of Russian DWDM communication systems with a speed of 100 Gbit/s

4. Governmental support for Russian products

The following themes have been also discussed:

  • The current condition of the transit transport network market in the world and development perspectives
  • The Russian backbone transport network market. Perspective directions of transit routes development
  • Interaction and integration of backbone providers in Russia with global international networks.
  • Backbone networks evolution in the IP age
  • Cloud Computing: requirements for transport networks to support cloud applications
  • Transition to 40G, 100G, 400G and terabit networks: an explanation of the cost-efficiency, etc.